Portrait of Master Tailor Joey Dimz
Four generations of sartorial excellence
Vancouver-based 4th-generation Master Tailor Joey Dimz came from humble beginnings.  Everything started in his kitchen which served as his factory and office while his local apparel network grew; eventually so did the demand for his unique craft. 

With his Fine Arts background, his creations are products of the juxtaposition between traditional craft and innovative design. 
After years of enduring apparel industry's ever-changing tides, his home-based business grew to a small manufacturing facility in East Vancouver. He catered to most local designers and few private clients for bespoke garments. His business thrived until 2008 recession which saw many of Vancouver’s factories close. He was able to restart another facility after taking on production contracts for the armed forces and law enforcement. 

This pivotal opportunity allowed Joey to expand and revive his bespoke suit business. Now, Joey uses his manufacturing expertise to merge technology with tradition in creating bespoke suits. Joey personally sources and hand-pick all the materials for his bespoke suits, majority of which are from the United Kingdom and Italy. He works closely with mills like Huddersfield Cloth in developing fashion forward textiles that are durable and inspired by quintessential British ideology using traditional manufacturing methods. 
Master Tailor Joey Dimz Cutting Fabric
Joey Dimz on sewing machine

Making history

His regular trips to England eventually brought him at the doorsteps of Maurice Sedwell in Savile Row, headed by the world renowned Master Tailor, Andrew Ramroop OBE who created the groundbreaking Savile Row Academy. Both Joey and Andrew share the same passion of cultivating new generations of Master Tailors and promoting authentic handcrafted and fashion-forward bespoke suits. 

Joey now is at the helm of Savile Row Academy Canada, which will open its first campus in Vancouver. To date, Joey continues his bi-monthly visit to England and continues to provide authentic bespoke tailoring experience.
Joey Dimz visit at Marling and Evans
Joey Dimz at Maurice Sedwell of Savile Row
Joey Dimz with Andrew Ramroop in London

Commitment to excellence.

A trade is something you embrace, own and master. Developing muscle memory, touch of expereince, critical eye and technical knwoledge comes with years of practice and learning from past mistakes. 
Mastery is the ultimate reward for one's dedication, perseverance and pure love for the craft. Only through handcrafting that a tradesman can best express his taste and his aspiration for perfection and quality .