1. A suit from "Jimmy" Dimz is like having an elegant classic Ferrari that is bespoke for your body. Do it!
  2. What I love the about Joey's work is the amount of care is put into each detail and the extra steps joey takes to make sure everything fits perfectly. Can't wait to get more pieces made and will definitely keep referring people to lovely Mr. Joey Dimz!
    Natasha Quewezance
  3. Joey! Thank you so much for making the perfect suit for my father in law this Christmas! Your craft is beyond amazing and your skill set is admirable! All the suit that I have ordered from you has been nothing but perfection from its fit to its form on the body. When I think of bespoke.. It's only you that I can think of that can deliver such great product and services!! Thank you for everything and keep up the good work
    Tianna Tran
  4. Joey Dimz embraces the sartorial art with a keen eye for detail and a strong passion for the historical craftsmanship that has laid the foundations for a high standard of quality for professionally tailored garments. Clothes make the man as they say, and Joey will make a man of you yet! A high quality wardobe designed specifically for your measurements will serve you years of utility and improve your image and confidence. When you look your best, you feel your best. Whether we like to admit it or not, how we present ourselves has a big impact on how we appeal to others. Elegantantly contructed, well fitted clothing is the social armour everyone should have in their closet. It is one of the best investments you'll ever make.
    Patrick Baticky
  5. Always the best service with Joey Dimz. The best part is, the amount of options for cloth and patterns for his perfectly made suits is 2nd to none, and he's always on time. I'd say this is the best Tailoring company in Vancouver that I've seen so far.
    Robert Macfarlane